IMD Succeeding Together Podcast

Episode 1: Welcome!

Introduces the series and explains who IMD Group are, what we do and how we do it.

Episode 2: Bristol Executive Management Programme (BEMP)

Join Dean Taylor, Managing Director of IMD Group, for a sneak peak behind the scenes of BMC’s Bristol Executive Management Programme (BEMP), our highly regarded, MBA-level (CMI Level 7 Award), 3-week business and management course.

This episode has been produced in partnership with the Officers’ Association (OA).

Our podcast was founded on the belief that our people are our greatest assets.

Whether you’re a client, prospective, employee, partner – or have simply stumbledupon our show – you are one of our people, and we want to share informative, valuable and useful content with you.

We aim to cover a broad range of topics and will discuss personal experiences, lessons learnt and best practice, amongst many other things, with episodes released fortnightly.
We hope you enjoy it – if so, make sure you subscribe and catch all future episodes!


    Episode 3: Risk Management as Part of the Day Job

    Join Simon Harrison, a Principal Consultant at IMD Group, as he shares his risk management knowledge and expertise, and talks through the Dos and Don’ts of effective risk management as part of the day job.


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    Episode 4: APM – ACostE Estimating Guide

    Join Tony Purpuri, a Principal Consultant at IMD Group, as he shares details of the recently published ‘APM – ACostE Estimating Guide’ (to which he contributed), including how it came about, the team behind it, its purpose and a description of the content.

    The APM – ACostE Estimating Guide is available for purchase from the APM and ACostE online book stores.

    Tony is happy to answer questions about the guide – contact him at: [email protected]

    Get in touch:

    Tel: 01179 491500
    Email: [email protected]

    Episode 5: The Forgotten Complexity of the Concorde Concept

    Join Samuel Crowder (Managing Consultant at IMD Group), as he explains how the concept of the mighty Concorde got off the ground.