What we do

For an organisation to succeed to its maximum potential, its strategy must be aligned with its greatest asset, its people. As well as developing the skills that lie within and retaining that talent, a successful organisation will also attract the best people.

The IMD talent management team recognise that our businesses and the environments we operate in are changing faster than many realise. The processes, technologies and information that we use throughout our working lives are rapidly evolving the focus is on keeping pace with this. However, are we developing our people as part of this evolution? Are we developing their communication and soft skills? Are we fully developing and equipping our people, teams and organisations to perform in the new or transitioning business environment?

The talent management team understand, through direct experiences, that organisations who fail to develop their people as part of their business evolution will ultimately find it increasingly difficult to effect successful business change. As a result, business leaders are abandoning traditional methods of learning and development in favour of more effective solutions that take a holistic view of learning and development – Its not just about sending someone on a training course, its how you embed and develop an enduring set of new skills and capabilities, behaviours, and communication abilities.

IMD recognises this is a business-critical priority for many teams and organisations. Our talent management consultants work closely with our clients and the IMD Learning & Development Centre, BMC, to support, develop and transform people, teams and organisations. We analyse a client’s needs, design, and then deliver the solution to enable attainment of new skills, sharpen existing ones, improve performance and increase productivity. Our ambition is for the organisation, through to each person delivering within it, to realise their full potential.

Organisations who invest in successfully developing their talent enjoy lower staff turnover rates, higher engagement, more top-performing employees, strong leadership development, and higher productivity and business performance. When an organisation commits  to supporting and developing their talent ultimately can achieve a significant Return on Investment.

IMD believes in planning for learning as an ongoing campaign, linking organisational performance to individual development goals as a means of ensuring business success.