How we work

IMD has both full time consultants and access to a roster of over 200 trusted associate consultants and advisors, whose capabilities and reputations are well honed through multiple and repeat assignments, across a diverse range of organisations, industries and market sectors.

Our ability to have consultants of the required calibre in place and up to speed within tight deadlines has been a cornerstone of both our and our clients’ success.

We have a proven consultancy selection process which is designed to maximise our efficiency and accuracy in providing clients with the best consultants available, often completed within the very short timeframes that can be necessitated by modern business urgency.

Irrespective of your status in the marketplace, whether a start-up or multi-national business, IMD consultants’ incisive, open minded and inquisitive approach ensures they quickly understand and orientate to your own circumstances.

By engaging at every level, across multiple business disciplines and functions, IMD consultants are able to understand the full picture and deliver the right solutions first time.