What we do

As a provider of management consultancy services, IMD Group creates value for clients via the successful application of our capabilities to deliver efficiency and operational effectiveness. We help our client redefine their business strategy, transform their structures and operations and deliver complex change.

Our consulting capabilities extend across policy, strategic and operational remits and encompass a broad range of business disciplines. In particular we provide expert guidance on Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M), Systems Engineering including Risk and Change ManagementProcurement Services, Cost Management, Talent Management, and HR.

IMD Group’s commitment to Customer & Capability Partnerships (C2P) is central to our service delivery and is key to our culture.

C2P Background Removed

IMD Consultants are much more than advisors; they are also practitioners who take an active role in the implementation of their recommendations and the delivery of positive results.


Project, programme and portfolio (P3) management is concerned with managing discrete packages of work to achieve agreed objectives. IMD assists your business to establish practices to support decision making and investment decisions; we bring best practice P3M standards, structures and methodologies that can be used to deliver change and maintain continuous improvement.

IMD specialises in the following capabilities:

Programme/Project Management

  • We work with you to understand your requirements and support the appropriate project controls in order to implement and drive forward your Programmes and Projects.

Portfolio Management

  • We take a high-level view of all the projects an organisation is running in order to meet the business’s main strategic objectives and review current priorities based on the agreed objectives.

Risk Management

  • We can either implement or support Risk Management processes; our consultants can identify and proactively manage individual risk events and the overall risk processes required, optimising success by minimising threats and maximising opportunities.

Stakeholder Management

  • We take the key principles of Stakeholder Management to communicate your message, consult early and often, and build relationships enabling governance to ensure business delivery

Schedule Management

  • We can either implement or support your Schedule Management by developing, maintaining and communicating schedules for time and resource.

Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA)

  • We deliver a SRA to connect the risk information of project activities to the baseline schedule, in order to provide sensitivity information of individual project activities and to assess the potential impact of uncertainty on the project milestones, duration and costs.

Change Management

  • We can either implement or support Change Management by a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to the desired future state to support its business requirements.

Quality Management

  • We provide expert Quality Management to ensure that outputs, benefits and the processes meet stakeholder requirements and are delivered fit for purpose.


Systems Engineering incl Change and Risk Management

In today’s climate of ever advancing technology and volatile political and economic climate, organisations face a plethora of threats to their businesses. Effective risk management processes are critical to well informed decision making and to maximising the opportunities that risk management may sometimes provide. IMD provides specialist expertise across a diverse range of risks ensuring that your business, large or small, is both well informed and protected.

Change can be complex; not only do you need to fully understand the benefits you are trying to deliver but also the impact on other parts of your business. IMD consultants will help you understand and manage your requirements as well as ensure that any change is fully integrated with other parts of your business.

We do this by applying systems engineering principles to:

Capture Requirements

  • We help you to identify all of your stakeholders and ensure that their wants and needs are fully understood and that all requirements are relevant, achievable, and measurable.

Elicit Requirements

  • We work with you to better understand the current situation and articulate the desired outcome of the project; this helps crystallise the capability gap and determine the scope of the project.

Analyse Requirements

  • All requirements are analysed to ensure there are no overlaps, gaps or conflicts; the result is a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements and the value they add to the desired outcome.

Prioritise Requirements

  • All requirements need to be prioritised to help identify whether they are absolutely necessary, important or nice to have. This helps identify your ‘trade space’ when having to make any compromise on quality, time or cost.

Test Requirements

  • We ensure that every requirement includes acceptance criteria, outlining the intended quality or measure expected. In addition, we outline how these criteria are to be tested for each requirement.



IMD’s procurement consultants provide your organisation with reliable and consistent advice and guidance, using knowledge and best practice acquired through our experience as procurement practitioners. We help guide your organisation and support your procurement department throughout each stage of the procurement process.

Our procurement consultancy services more specifically include:

Procurement Strategy development

  • We work with your organisation to identify and compare all viable procurement options and procurement models, matched to the technical content, wider programme views, and supply chain characteristics, supported by a final recommended procurement route.

Public Sector procurement

  • We provide your organisation with specialist advice and guidance on the Public Contracts Regulations, Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations and below threshold procurements. We are experienced in utilising the Government Procurement Frameworks, complying with the Cabinet Office Spend Controls Process and Government Digital Service mandates and policies.

Tender preparation and management (for buyers)

  • We assist your organisation in the development of Tender documentation and management of the Tender process, including but not limited to:
    • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and Defence Contracts Bulletin (DCB)/Defence Contracts Online (DCO) adverts;
    • Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) for the initial down select of suppliers;
    • Requirements documents, detailing the key requirements for industry to tender against;
    • Contracts terms and conditions;
    • Annexes and schedules to contract, providing additional and more specific project and technical information to support the terms and conditions;
    • Special Conditions of Tendering;
    • Evaluation Strategy, detailing the approach to the evaluation of tenders received under the invitation to tender process;
    • Instructions to suppliers on completing their tender, to meet the requirements stipulated in the Evaluation Strategy;
    • Assessment of bids received under the Invitation to Tender (ITT) process.

Bid preparation and management (for suppliers)

  • We work with your organisation to produce a credible and competitive bid completely aligned to the buyer’s needs. Our procurement professionals have experience of both bid preparation and bid evaluation so can deliver an effective tailored response to an ITT.

Cost savings

  • We work with your organisation to identify the major cost drivers in your supply chain and help you to understand where potential cost savings can be made. We support your organisation in the development of innovative contracting models, supply chain arrangements and pricing mechanisms to reduce costs and secure the best value for money solutions.

Upskilling Staff

  • We provide knowledge and skills transfer from our procurement professionals to yours, via one-to-one training, coaching, development and mentoring.

Interim management

  • Our consultants are highly adaptable, motivated and personable and will deliver your organisation’s procurement objectives within the required timeframes, to a consistently high standard, bringing with them a completely independent and objective view.
Cost Management

IMD’s Cost Management service will enable your organisation and projects to understand and manage your costs, make decisions backed by fully auditable and compliant analysis, and support the controlling and reduction of costs through the life of the project.

Our cost management consultancy services include:

Cost Estimating & Modelling

  • We will enable you to fully understand the whole life costs of your projects.
  • We will help you to understand what level of confidence you can have with a suppliers quote, this can be done in conjunction with IMD’s procurement capability to have a true understanding of your supply base.
  • We will use tried and tested estimating and modelling methodologies to fully understand the scope, assess the quality of data and undertake a full cost, risk and uncertainty analysis to support budgeting and business case activities.

Cost Optimisation

  • We will assist you in ensuring that costs of your project are as optimised as possible. Through the use of opportunities management, investment appraisals, cost benefit analysis and bottom up cost investigations, we can help ensure that the cost base and supplier estimates can be sufficiently challenged to provide value for money.
  • Integrating with IMD’s procurement services we can tailor our approach to cost optimisation that best suit your needs.

Cost Governance

  • We will help your projects to set the appropriate strategy to manage the cost of your business or project.
  • We will plan the implementation of the strategy and support embedding the changes to aid in managing your costs and ensure the approach is consistent with the wider project environment.
  • We can also assess your internal organisational structure, project assumption and cost resourcing to understand and optimise the ways of working including ensuring correct ownership and delegations.
  • By working with IMD’s P3M capability we can help you optimise the interfaces with other business functions such as project controls, planners, risk, commercial and finance.

Talent Management

Our Vision

IMD Groups’ vision for talent management is for us to ‘work ourselves out of a job’ by setting the pathway to a sustainable and enduring transfer of skills to our clients.

Training Needs Analysis

  • Our IMD consultants are skilled in undertaking training need analysis and identifying skills gaps within your team. IMD use the analysis outputs to map learning and development pathways, to schedule and deliver the blended training, coaching and experiential learning approaches which will progressively enhance individuals, your teams or your organisational capabilities.
  • As well as targeted training towards the use of specific tools, processes and skills, typical training needs analyses’ can identify broader organisational awareness of factors such as cyber awareness, delivering within complex / virtual teams or broader soft skills required for effective delivery and development of high functioning teams and organisations.
  • Throughout our time with you the IMD team will work closely with your team to build the learning and development pathways that will raise individuals, teams or organisations to a position where they are prepared and equipped to adapt, change and achieve operational capability.

Organisational Design

  • Within organisations delivering a broad range of services, programmes and projects, the constitution of teams must be continually managed to provide effective, efficient outcomes. Through active organisational design IMD will engage with you and your organisation to ensure that resources are applied in the right numbers, with the right skills, at the right time.
  • IMD will support you by assessing and planning for the organisational impact of change before the implementation stage so that you have a clear understanding of the transitional activities that will need to be undertaken. Coupled with a transformation project led by you or IMD, our organisational design specialists ensure that the structure of the programme, project, function or business team is aligned to the new ways of working and confirm that the implementation of target operating model is controlled, enduring, and remains aligned with the wider business objectives.
  • IMD believes a robust transition with organisational design at its core will enable not only the local transition, but also aid in creating wider business champions, coaches / mentors and change leaders within your organisation for subsequent change, enhancement and integration.

Upskilling & Coaching

  • This is a core activity for IMD internally and for our clients. Through our upskilling and coaching service, we will support the development of your teams and organisation to provide a sustainable enhancement to your internal capability.
  • Our upskilling and coaching is based not just around a narrow scope specifically related to a piece of training received, but delivers broad enhancement of your team or organisation, encourages adoption of new cultures, behaviours and working practices. We will look to boost a client’s soft skills, build confidence and capability in individuals and teams, encourage people to understand their working environment and the working communities that they operate in. To achieve this, we apply a blended approach to training, upskilling, coaching and experiential learning to progressively enhance capability whilst aiding individuals to meet personal career objectives
  • We are successful in upskilling and coaching because all our team are practitioners in their fields or experienced delivers. This means when we work with you to coach and upskill we bring multiple view points and experiences from a vast variety of industries such as major public-sector organisations, manufacturing, construction, rail, mining, oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace, defence and the military. This breadth of experience is a consistent source of positive feedback for the IMD team.

If a specific service you are interested in is not listed above, please contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you.

Our consultants are able to advise and guide you on how best to further educate and develop your existing staff and to recruit new personnel with the ability and skills to close any gaps in the capabilities required.