17 October 2018

New Junior Consultant for IMD

IMD Group’s current phase of growth has seen the further appointment of Chantal Appleyard as a Junior Consultant. Chantal joins IMD from an artistic background, having spent the first decade of her career as a professional musician! During this time she enjoyed a varied experience, performing both nationally and internationally with a variety of established artists. In addition to performing, she continued to excel academically and pursued a PhD in opera studies after being awarded a Masters in Music, which she hopes to return to at some stage in the future.

In pursuit of a change from the arts, Chantal began her career in Defence as a Commercial Officer with the Ministry of Defence. This leap enabled Chantal to transfer her skills and consolidate her creative and intellectual capabilities for the corporate environment. She successfully gained a strong foundation in Commercial through her time in Land managing and sourcing contracts for Soldier Training and Simulation Programmes. During this time, Chantal managed multi million pound contracts, including FATS5 frameworks and LTPA contracts, through the development and implementation stages of procurement. Having spent time working as a Civil Servant, Chantal was keen to develop her Commercial and corporate experience further through consultancy and is looking to build upon her skills and experienced gained in the public sector. As she joins IMD, Chantal is looking forward to contributing to the team and hopes to continue building upon their achievements.

Managing Director, Dean Taylor commented “We’re delighted to welcome Chantal as a Junior Consultant at this time of rapid expansion and are confident that she will prove to be a great asset to the Group and our clients.”