7 June 2019

IMD Get Creative – Graffiti Style!

Following a jam-packed quarterly review of the company’s performance and a look at some pretty exciting stuff in the pipeline (watch this space!), Team IMD embraced its Bristolian roots last Friday when they were treated to an excellent graffiti workshop, run by Colette and Rob from Graft. (www.graftworkshop.co.uk).

Graffiti Tour


Starting with an inspiring tour of some of Bristol’s most famous street art, including amazing pieces by Banksy, Nick Walker, Stik and Alex Lucas, the IMD team was suitably inspired to create their own graffiti tags and some street art of their own.

The results? Well, you can judge for yourselves…

Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti Team Photo

At IMD Group, we believe that hard work should be rewarded, and that having fun is part of the job!