16 September 2021

New Managing Consultant for IMD Group

Fiona Cato headshot

We are thrilled to announce that Fiona Cato has joined IMD as a Managing Consultant.

Fiona has worked for several FTSE 100 companies providing support and solutions in a wide variety of industries and roles.  She brings with her a suitcase full of experience and a can-do attitude which include training, managing and communications. 

Fiona has worked with all levels of management, and she prides herself on her communication skills and ability to build great relationships and teams.  

On her appointment, Fiona commented, “It’s great to be part of a team where you can learn and grow as well as share your knowledge with your colleagues. I think you could say it’s a win, win culture!” 

She loves to make unique handbags and walk her dog Dylan with her husband in her spare time. 

Headshot Dean Taylor CEO

“Fiona brings extensive experience of information management to IMD and expands our data management team. Delighted you joined IMD Fiona.“

Dean Taylor, CEO of IMD Group

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