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Coordinating a CDIS Programme


Back in the summer of 2018, the scope of the DPS Cross-Domain Interoperability Service (CDIS) programme was still relatively un-defined. The CDIS programme was a complex business change and IT programme that had many internal and external stakeholders. Often with competing priorities, contrasting views and conflicting visions of where to go next. That’s where we came in. 


Taking the lead for the programme & project management and governance aspects – our team prepared the Outline Business Case (OBC). A key programme artefact. The OBC enabled the programme to progress from the concept phase to the assessment and demonstration phase – defining the programme, building stakeholder support, assuring the OBC and working through ISS Assurance & Approvals and the scrutiny community. Leveraging our extensive understanding of the Defence Digital Context along the way.

How we helped

A culture of collaboration

With so many stakeholders to engage – our team realised early on that collaboration would be key. By using informal and formal collaboration sessions we were able to get buy-in at all levels.

Defence Digital Context RM

Our handpicked team of experts understood resource management in the Defence Digital Context. Meaning we could quickly identify the optimum route to market.

Seamless portfolio coordination

From budgeting to business case – we worked closely with the wider stakeholder community to ensure everyone was on the same page. And stayed that way.

More than a business case

As well as the OBC, our team planned and delivered the Programme Management Plan, Stakeholder Management Plan, Risk Plan, Risk Long and Dependency Log.

On time. On brief. On budget.

By submitting the OBC on time, obtaining initial approval with minimal caveats, the client can move to the next stage. Realising significant savings, enhanced capabilities and an improved user experience.

Successful Outcomes

Developed new governance approach, saving management time and giving greater visibility

Implemented best practice Management Information

Setting up of collaborative working tools


Efficient process implemented

Business Case approval

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