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Defence Digital Enterprise Risk Management


A key part of MOD Strategic Command, Defence Digital needed a specialist risk management partner to help them develop a bulletproof approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). They hoped, by instilling a high level of decision support and risk management processes we could optimise project and operational performance. Creating an effective, efficient and lasting risk-aware culture along the way.


At IMD, we passionately believe that managing risk is essential to the successful running of any organisation. Our risk specialists embed themselves at the heart of the client team to form strong partnerships and implement, develop and mature a robust ERM framework – from the inside out. Our collaborative approach ensures that risk management isn’t operating in a vacuum, but is engrained into the daily decision-making process throughout the enterprise.

How we helped

Enterprise-wide assessment

We carried out a holistic assessment of the effectiveness of risk management – at all levels. This gave us critical insight around the key strengths and weaknesses of current capabilities.

Establishing sound structures

We embedded effective risk management processes to allow for sound risk reporting, monitoring and control. Giving the team all the tools they need to make better decisions.

Empowering the team

Establishing a culture of positive choices, was key. We focussed on driving attitudinal and behavioural change to bring a consistent risk-aware mindset to decision making.

Future-proof upskilling

By providing a focussed learning and development programme of upskilling and coaching, we were able to lay the foundations for lasting and sustainable improvements..

Enabling ongoing analysis

Through this process, we were able to uncover the real strategic risks and develop a unique Risk Management visualisation tool to present easily digestible insights to the executive team.

Successful Outcomes​

Maturity of management information – less time looking for key data

Control of the strategic risks

Improved Governance  

Improved Risk reporting 


Efficient processes implemented

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